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In the past several years we have developed new products and processes which have allowed Green Cleaning to be done more effectively; this is accomplished in a cost neutral manner. Our program is good for the environment and the occupants of buildings, a true winning combination!

Sure, swapping out chemicals and paper for more environmentally preferable products is a start, but it's the consistency and implementation of green best practices which defines a true green program. Doctor Steam Clean focuses on every piece of the puzzle including cleaning equipment, cleaning protocol, employee training, occupant issues, recycling, trash and more.

Our program is backed by documented Standard Operating Procedures which are fully supportive of LEED-EB® Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). In this way we ensure the consistent and effective delivery of green services. Initial investments in environmentally preferable building services and materials often pay for themselves within a few years. In fact, most investments in green buildings pay for themselves ten times over.

The six major environmentally conscious changes of the Doctor Steam Clean Green Clean Program are:

  • Toxicity Reduction
  • Water & Waste Minimization
  • Trash Quantity
  • Energy Reduction
  • Space & Storage
  • Increased Recycling

Some of the major benefits are:

  • Promotes a healthier working environment (Indoor pollution costs more than $50 billion)
  • USEPA warns that up to 30% of all buildings contain indoor air contamination which accounts for more than 10 million workdays missed by US employees
  • Cuts down on absenteeism and lost production and lost revenue
  • Helps to eliminate allergic reactions to "sick" indoor air environments
  • Adverse health effects have been identified regarding common chemicals found in cleaning products
  • Helps you meet green purchasing mandates
  • Improves safety for all janitorial workers

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Doctor Steam Clean is a Greater Toronto Area business and offers both local and extended carpet cleaning services to those in our area.


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