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Hello Everyone. My name is Brian Ventry….President & CEO of DOCTOR STEAM CLEAN®.  I want to first welcome our new Vice-President, Kaye Madison to the “Green Team”. She does it all, inside and outside the office. It’s great to have her aboard!

Loyal clients of mine call me “The Doctor”….and, as you will find out, for good reason! For over 25 years our company has been delivering  the very best professional quality of residential and commercial cleaning services to the Toronto GTA and SW Ontario region. Why have we established such an enviable track record? We stop at nothing to ensure an extremely happy customer. Needless to say, our customer service is second to none. “We have a reputation for doing it right the first time….we guarantee it!”

As you view the many aspects of our site, you should find everything you need to keep your world green and clean. If not…..call “The Doctor” at 416-427-4495 or email me at brian@doctorsteamclean.com

So why do they call me “The Doctor”?  I DO make personal house calls and I DO answer your phone calls personally! I invite you to fill out our BOOKING FORM to make an appointment and to obtain an estimate.

ship5Introducing the DSC® 2015 Surf ‘n Turf Contest

Our Commercial Clients should not forget to participate in our 2015 Surf ‘n Turf Contest which starts January 1st, 2015.

We hope you enjoy my video! It tells you more about DOCTOR STEAM CLEAN®

Brian “Doc” Ventry
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